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“We have found the solution to your private travel needs...at affordable costs to you.”

Joshua Dobbins

Joshua Dobbins / Founder

Why Choose To Fly Ãnu?

This is our Why?

Fly Ãnu is an online marketplace where avid travelers can book affordable air charter flights with locals.

Air Charter Aircraft Options

Cessna Caravan

(9 seats)

Fly from land to water or fly from land to your yacht!



Great aircraft to fly to the nearest city with business partners.

Cessna 207

(5 seats)

Fly family to the Keys of Florida in this affordable aircraft.

piper navajo

(6 seats)

The ultimate long range aircraft used for big businesses.

Main Benefits of Chartering an Aircraft


The consensus is that you have to be rich to fly private.

Well if you want to ride in jet aircraft that may be true. We focus on aircraft that is affordable for the avid traveler.

Waiting in Lines

When chartering an aircraft, the aircraft is all yours for the time of the flight. No Waiting in Lines!

Fly to Destination, Not Closest Airport

With over 5,500 airports located in the U.S. alone, we are sure there's a closer airport to your destination.

Missed Connections

No longer a problem because you will never have to switch aircraft.

Never Stuck at Major Airport

You have hundreds of options of aircraft to choose from. You just have to make your mind up!

Hate waiting in the Customer Service line for a cancelled flight? Waiting for better options?

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Cessna Caravan

Cessna 182

Cessna 207

Piper Navajo